Sunday Eucharist

communionThe Emmanuel Community gathers for worship every Sunday morning at 8:00 and 10:30 using services from the 1979 The Book of Common Prayer. Those who are familiar with our prayerbook might be aware that there are two distinct Eucharistic services. Each has its own characteristics and its own beauty. Sermons and Holy Eucharist are offered at each service, and our ushers make sure that all visitors have a bulletin so that they will be able to participate fully.

Rite I – 8:00 service

This service uses the more traditional Elizabethan English, and more penitential language. Those who attend this service do so because the prayers are very similar to those from the previous (1928) prayerbook, and they find the language to be both comfortingly familiar and beautiful. Newcomers to this service find that the formal language allows for contemplative space. We do not have music at this service, and attendance tends to be smaller, so the atmosphere is quiet and reflective.

Rite II – 10:30 service

This service uses modern English, and more joyful language. Most of the community worships at this service, and we sing hymns and hear preludes and postludes from our wonderful organist and other talented musicians. The Choir participates each Sunday from Labor Day through Trinity Sunday, and they lead us in singing hymns and psalms as well as offering at least one anthem during the service.