bazaar-check-2Emmanuel has a multi-faceted outreach program. Many of our projects fall into the traditional understanding of the word. We collect care packages and cell phones for soldiers. We collect food and donations for neighborhood food pantries. We volunteer with homeless organizations, work with Diocesan missions and ministries, and support places like The Samaritan Group, The Good Neighbor Fund, and Compass Hospice. We have several fund-raisers during the year, and the primary purpose of each is to raise funds for organizations and people outside of Emmanuel’s walls. God has blessed us with funds to maintain our building, and the support of our parishioners continues to fund our operating budget. So we are in a position to use fundraising for mission; and we are grateful for the opportunity to make concrete differences in the lives of folks living in the county and beyond. Each year the proceeds from our annual Christmas Bazaar are given to local non-profit community organizations that provide services to those in need.bazaar-treats

Emmanuel reaches out to the community in other ways. There are many organizations that meet in our Parish Hall, and many non-profit organizations use our space without charge, or for a nominal fee. We host weekly AA meetings, yoga classes, and Homework Depot. The Chestertown Garden Club and Brotherhood of St. Andrew hold monthly meetings at Emmanuel.

We also have a wonderful partnership with the Chestertown Havurah. Several times during the year, our Parish Hall becomes affectionately known as “Temple Emmanuel” as the Havurah meets here for High Holy Days and other events.