Emmanuel Concert Series

Our Twenty First Season!

Concert Series

General Information

Each series is normally composed of five concerts. The parish welcomes everyone to our special worship services; there are no charges for these events. The five concerts feature Wesley Parrott, Maxine Thevenot, Brian Jones, David Shelat and Ken Cowan.
Regular Subscriptions to the five concerts may be purchased for $85 per adult or $20 for children and students with ID. One may become a Patron for $125 or a Benefactor for $150. Patrons and Benefactors are listed in each concert program. Contributions above the subscription ticket price are tax deductible. A limited number of single-concert tickets, priced at $20.00 for adults and $5.00 for children and students with ID, will be available at the door.

All subscriptions must be received no later than Monday, 20 October, 2014.
Please make checks payable to Emmanuel Church Concerts and return to Emmanuel Church Concerts, P. O. Box 875, Chestertown, Maryland 21620 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

If you would like to read more about our wonderful organ, please click HERE.

Announcements relating to weather emergencies or unexpected cancellations will be posted on the church's website. We regret that we are unable to contact our subscribers, patrons, and benefactors on an individual basis when such changes occur.

Concerts and Services



Saturday, 18 OCTOBER                                                                                         4:00 p.m.
       Evensong  (Feast of St. Luke, the Apostle)
          The evening service is by Thomas Walmisley, and the anthem is by Norman


FRIDAY, 24 OCTOBER                                                                                            7:30 p.m.
     Organ Recital: WESLEY PARROTT
         Wesley Parrott, a native of the Eastern Shore is Organist/Music Director at  
          St. Mary’s Church, Philadelphia. Mr. Parrott appeared on our second season
          Concert Series in 1994-1995.

      Evensong                                                                                                           6:00 p.m.
         Thanksgiving Evensong will be sung by Emmanuel’s Choir. The evening                         
          service is by Vaughan Williams, and the anthem is by Elgar.

       Festival Service of Advent Lessons and Carols                                          4:00 p.m.               
           The Choir of Emmanuel will sing a festival of seven Lessons and carols for
           The Advent Season.

        Evensong                                                                                                         6:00 p.m.
            Twelfth Night Evensong will be sung by Emmanuel’s Choir. The evening
             service is by Harris, and the anthem is by Larkin.

FRIDAY, 13 FEBRUARY                                                                                          7:30 p.m.
           Organ Recital: MAXINE THEVENOT
               Maxine Thevenot is Organist, Music Director at The Cathedral of St. John,
               Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is her fifth appearance on our series.

WEDNESDAY, 18 FEBRUARY                                                                                 6:00 p.m.
         Ash Wednesday
             Emmanuel Choir will sing traditional music for Ash Wednesday. The              
             anthem is by Edward Bairstow.

FRIDAY, 20 MARCH                                                                                                7:30 p.m.
         Organ Recital: BRIAN JONES   
              Brian Jones is Organist/ Director of Music, emeritus, Trinity Church,
               Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts. This is his third appearance on     
               our series

FRIDAY, 3 April                                                                                                     6:00 p.m.
         Good Friday
               The service for Good Friday will include works by Samuel Sebastian 
               Wesley and Stuart Forester.

FRIDAY, 17 APRIL                                                                                                    7:30 p.m.
         Organ Recital: DAVID SCHELAT
                David Schelat is Minister of Music at First and Central Presbyterian      
                 Church, Wilmington, Delaware. He is also Dean of the Delaware Chapter   
                 of the American Guild of Organists. This is his second appearance on our

FRIDAY,8 MAY                                                                                                         7:30 p.m.
          Organ Recital: KEN COWAN
               Ken Cowan is Associate Professor of Organ at Rice University’s Shepherd
               School of Music in Houston, Texas. Ken is making his twentieth
               appearance on the Emmanuel Concert Series.

THURSDAY, 14 MAY                                                                                               6:00 p.m.
               Ascension Evensong will be sung by Emmanuel’s Choir. The evening
               service is Wood in D, and the anthem is by Duckworth.