Parish Life

There are so many ways to get involved at Emmanuel Church. And new groups and new opportunities are created on a regular basis. So if you don’t see something that appeals below, please let the Clergy or Vestry know!

Here is our current Schedule of Liturgical Ministries


Any young person between the ages of 8 and 18 is invited to join “The God Squad” – our group of acolytes. Acolytes serve at Eucharists, and have also served at funerals and weddings. There are many roles for acolytes within the service, and the group also gets together for training and social time.

Altar Guild

All members of the community who are at least 16 years old are invited to be members of the Altar Guild. The stalwart members of our altar guild serve “behind the scenes” and make sure that all is set up for liturgies of all kinds. Altar guild members serve in partnership, so schedules can be arranged so that you are serving at a time that works for you.

Buildings and Grounds

All adult members of the community are invited to join our Buildings and Grounds Committee. This newly-formed committee works in tandem with our Junior Warden on the upkeep of our building. A subset of this committee is responsible for our Garth – the inner courtyard and memorial garden.

Choir choir

All members of the community are invited to join the Choir. Our Choir helps us to pray with music, and they prepare psalms and anthems for each Sunday from Labor Day through Trinity Sunday. Choir members rehearse on Tuesday nights and on Sunday mornings between services.


All members, regardless of age, are encouraged to write for our newsletter, to put announcements into the bulletin, or to help with items for the webpage. However, this core group of volunteers is responsible for all of our publications, as well as for “getting the word out” in the form of advertising in the local papers and the Chestertown Spy.

Eucharistic Ministers

All Confirmed members of the community fifteen years of age and older are invited to train to be a Eucharistic Minister. Eucharistic ministers help with the distribution of Communion at Sunday services, as well as at funerals, weddings, and other services. Training for Eucharistic ministers is offered through the Diocese, but is offered at Emmanuel in the years when the Diocese has no training scheduled.

Flower Guild

All adult members of the community are invited to join our Flower Guild. Flower Guild members are responsible for the purchase and arranging of the altar flowers, as well as for planning and decorating the church for holidays and special services.

Kitchen Krew

All adult members of the community are invited to join our Kitchen Krew. Members coordinate, cook, and serve delicious food for concerts, meetings, receptions, funerals/weddings, and other events held at Emmanuel Church.

Knifty Knitters

All adult members of the community are invited to join our Knifty Knitters. This group makes beautiful hand-crafted items to sell at our Christmas Bazaar, as well as making prayer shawls to be given to those who are ill or hospitalized. Note that, despite the name, all types of crafters are welcome to join the group which meets on Monday afternoons at members’ homes.


All members of the community, regardless of age, are invited to serve as lector. Lectors help to proclaim the Scripture, so good reading skills are helpful. Lectors receive their readings the week before, so that there is time to go over it (and check out the pronunciation of any of those obscure names/places!) Lectors are scheduled on a monthly basis, and are adjusted according to the availability of the lector.


All members of the community, regardless of age, are invited to serve on our Outreach Committee. While “outreach” in its broadest meaning encompasses much of what we do at Emmanuel, this committee is involved with those projects specifically designed to help non-members who are in need. Members work with local agencies that feed and house people, send care packages to members of the military serving overseas, and are helping with our fledgling efforts to re-connect Emmanuel Church to Washington College.

Pastoral Care Team

All adult members of the community are invited to join our Pastoral Care Team. Members visit our shut-ins and those who are hospitalized, write cards for various holidays, provide rides for those members who cannot drive to church or other events, and in many other ways, take care of our members during times when a little extra help is needed.


All members of the community, regardless of age, are invited to serve as an usher or greeter for our services. Ushers greet people at the door, hand out bulletins, help with the Offertory, and also regulate traffic flow during Communion. Ushers are scheduled on a monthly basis.


All adult members in good standing are invited to consider serving on our Vestry. Vestry members are the backbone of our community, they make financial and program decisions in conjunction with the Rector and other staff members. If you are interested in serving on the Vestry, please make your wishes known so that your name can be put in for nomination. Vestry members are elected for a three-year term at our Annual Meeting in January. The Vestry meets from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoons approximately once every six weeks. (Normally Finance Committee meetings occur the Friday afternoon preceding the Vestry meeting, at the discretion of the Rector.)

sunday-school-caren-littlesSunday School Teachers

On Sundays during the school year, students from pre-k through middle school learn the stories of the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. Students remain in church on the first Sunday of each month. On the second and fourth Sundays, lessons which include stories and crafts for the younger students, and learning about the Bible through analysis and activities for the older students are presented. The third and fifth Sundays of each month are “messy Sundays” which include hands-on activities like baking stained glass cookies, making advent wreaths, or learning to pray with prayer boxes. At Christmas teachers direct students in a pageant, and during Lent students are encouraged to plan and carryout an outreach project in the community.